Project: Kum & Go LEED

Shiffler Associates has been designing Kum & Go convenience stores since 2004. To date, we have designed or remodeled over 250 stores in 15 states.

Kum & Go LLC has long prided itself in being a good corporate citizen, and in 2008 directed our office to build all Kum & Go stores to the LEED Certified level of construction or better. To date over 70 stores have received such recognition. Our pace of LEED Certified stores is currently at 35 to 45 stores per year. To that end, Shiffler Associates has become expert at interpreting USGBC requirements and meeting their expectations.

In the LEED Certified Kum & Go’s lighting levels are held to under one watt per square foot, light tubes are incorporated into the stores design, wall insulation is upgraded and recycled materials are used wherever possible.